Planning & Development

Building Permit or Business Registration

  • Online Permit Portal HERE 
  • Online Permit Portal Instructions HERE
  • NEW businesses or existing commercial structures follow for more information HERE.


The Planning and Development Department oversees and enforces the city's regulations related to subdivision, zoning, building codes, and nuisance abatement. Implementing growth management and transportation plans through thorough development and plan reviews is crucial. The department also conducts code compliance activities and building inspections.

The Planning & Development department also handles the following responsibilities:

  1. Receiving and reviewing requests for zoning changes and specific land uses.
  2. Providing interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance.
  3. Processing and making recommendations for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.
  4. Assisting residents and developers with the process of platting and development.
  5. Issuing building permits.
  6. Addressing citizen complaints and directing them to the appropriate channels for resolution.

Planning and Zoning Monthly Meeting Live Stream: City of Ozark Zoom Meetings - YouTube

Our department has also created a policy and procedures document covering the following:

  • Plats, plans, permits, and easements
  • Surveys
  • Re-plats, lot spills, lot combinations, and lot line adjustments
  • The building permit process for commercial, residential, and public works

Other Procedures

Forms & Resources Available Online

The Planning and Development Department offers many forms online. Please visit the Forms and Resources Page for a complete listing of all forms available.

Building & Permit Fees

Building and permit fees are as outlined in the Planning and Development Application Fees They include:

  • Commercial permit fees
  • Miscellaneous permit fees
  • Planning and Development Application Fees
  • Residential permit fees

Water Impact and Sewer Connection Fees

As of March 1, 2021, Water Impact and Sewer Connection Fees will be determined by meter size. Sewer connection fees increased on January 3, 2024, per Ordinance No. 24-002






















The impact fee for development of construction outside the City of Ozark will be 2 times the rate in the above schedule.

Water Meter Price List

(Subject to Change)

    • 5/8 inch meter $320 
    • 1 inch meter $405
    • 2 inch meter $1540
    • 3 inch meter $1905
    • 4 inch meter $3195
    • 6 inch meter $4895