Process of Code Enforcement

Enforcement Steps

These steps are followed when a complaint is filed with code compliance.

Complaint Filed

The process begins with an action request submitted by a citizen or a proactive inspection by a city employee.

Initial Inspection

An on-site inspection will be conducted to verify that a violation exists.

Violation Observed

If violation has occurred, the documentation process of photographs and official notices will begin.

Notice of Violation

After documentation of the violation has been gathered, a 15 day courtesy letter will be sent to the owner and occupant of the property outlining the violation. If after 15 days, compliance is not met an official notice is sent. The official notice is sent by personal delivery, certified mail, or first class mail.

Re-inspection for Compliance

After the number of days given for the violation to be corrected has passed, the property in violation will be reinspected to see if it has come into compliance.

Citation Sent if Needed

If the violation has been corrected, the case will be considered resolved. However, if the violation still exists, and no extension has been granted or requested, a citation will be sent to the owner and the occupant of the property in violation.

As always, the City of Ozark strives to resolve all code compliance issues through voluntary means and with good will towards all citizens. For more information, contact the Planning and Development Department at 417-581-2407 or by fax at 417-581-0353.