Public Works

Pardon our Progress

Ozark's Public Works (PW) Department worked tirelessly throughout the year to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the city of Ozark. They ensure safe and efficient transportation, reliable water and sewer systems, and well-maintained public facilities for the community.  

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Mission Statement

To Make Ozark Better Every Day!  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Ozark by maintaining and improving the city’s stormwater, streets, sanitary sewer, water systems and pedestrian pathways.

For information about different aspects of Public Works that you may have always wondered about but never knew what the crew was doing, Public Works project updates and our online service request form, please follow this link Public Works Projects / Public Works Information.

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2022 Project Updates:

Check Mark Completed: Downtown Fire Loop 

Check Mark Completed: Finley Valley Water Main Project – Elimination of Two Shallow Wells 

Check Mark

Completed: Phase III of the Downtown Project  

Check Mark Completed: Chadwick Flyer Phase I 

Check Mark Completed: CIPP – Trenchless Pipe Repair 

Check Mark Completed: Inflow & Infiltration Program – Sewer Camera System 

Check Mark Completed: Hydrants – Intelligent Municipal Water System Monitoring Software 

Check Mark Completed: ARPA Award for Regional Lift Station  

Check Mark Completed: Hydrant and Valve Exercising Program  

Check Mark Completed: Showcasing the Square for the Oktoberfest Event 

Check Mark Completed: Initiated a New Street Sweeping Program 

 Making Ozark Better - Projects

The Ozark Public Works Team would like to thank everyone who participated in the Annual Spring Cleanup!  The City of Ozark is one of the few communities that offers this free service to our citizens each year. So we will be back out cleaning up once again next Spring.  However, if you cannot wait a year, which is completely understandable, there are locations where you can haul your limbs and yard waste for a fee. We have provided some links to those facilities below.

2020 Paving Projects 

The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the 2020 Paving Bid, and the City of Ozark, along with the awarded contractor, Journagan Construction, began reconstructing streets throughout Kali Springs and Eastland Heights neighborhoods.    

Crews began in the spring of 2020 by making the necessary stormwater improvements throughout Kali Springs.   Several of the storm boxes and storm inlets had settled, pipes were obstructed and the system was not properly conveying runoff.  

Once the stormwater repairs were completed, crews were able to pave both phases of Kali Springs.  The neighborhood home owners association worked with the City closely to mitigate the negative impacts that can occur during construction.  Overall the project was a huge success and came in under budget.   A big thank you to the Kali Springs HOA, for helping us with the communication and logistics.  

In 2020 Public Works Crews also began a multiphase project in Eastland Heights.  Within this older neighborhood there were several infrastructure challenges.  Hundreds of feet of water and sewer lines needed to be replaced along with several stormwater improvements constructed.  Crews finished the below grade repairs in 2020 and will proceed with the remaining curb and gutter as well as the final lift of asphalt in 2021.    See Phasing Plan Below:
Eastland Heights Phasing-Complete Status

Recent Project Photos

The City of Ozark Public Works Department provides coordination of the services afforded by 5 divisions: