Public Funding Corporation


The Public Funding Corporation of the City of Ozark, Missouri is a not-for-profit corporation founded for the purpose of purchasing and/or constructing properties and projects for the benefit and use of the City of Ozark.  The projects are constructed and then leased to the City.  The City’s obligation under these leases is for an annual appropriation only and does not constitute an indebtedness or liability of the City. 

The Board of Aldermen authorized the formation of the Public Funding Corporation on November 18, 1991.  The P.F.C. Board of Directors is made up of four duly qualified electors of and taxpayers of the City of Ozark, appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen, with six year terms. 

There is not a set meeting schedule for this Board.  A meeting is called when needed.      

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Term Ends
Elise CrainJuly 24, 2024President
Frank LorenzAugust 3, 2021  Treasure
Mary AdamsAugust 6, 2024Vice-President
Mark SpechtSeptember 5, 2029