Operating a Business in Ozark

Registration Information

All businesses with a physical address operating within the city limits of Ozark are required to have a business registration. This includes businesses that operate from the home. Owners of all home-based occupations should contact the Planning and Development Department at 417-581-2407 concerning regulations pertaining to home-based businesses.

Registration Application Process

  1. Apply for a new Business Registration.
  2. Contact the county collector’s office to apply for a county merchant’s license at 417-581-2334.
    • The county will have their own criteria of documents needed for a merchant’s license

Renewal of Registration Process

All Business Registrations expire December 31; renewal notices are issued mid-October. For applicable registration fees, call the City Clerk's Office at City Hall at 417-581-2407.

You can click here to view the City's ordinance regarding Business Registration.

Zoning Information

The City of Ozark has established various zoning regulations which control the location and the operation of all commercial activities. A brief check with the Planning and Development Department staff at City Hall prior to signing a lease agreement or purchasing commercial property may prove to be valuable. For more information, contact the Planning and Development Department at 417-581-2407.