David Snider

Alderman Ward I

"As citizens of a community, we are responsible for how we grow and flourish. We must be willing to step forward and voice our opinions. As an elected official of a governing body, you must earn the trust and respect of those you represent.

While serving as one of your elected representatives, the safety of your family, friends, and your community is paramount and will always come first. I am a strong advocate of public safety, and believe that Police, Fire, and Emergency Services are imperative to our community. I also believe that those who work within each department of the City of Ozark, are an asset and an integral component to our community. The betterment and growth of our community is dependent on our ability to strengthen infrastructure, encourage economic development in both commercial and private sectors. That growth cannot be achieved without promoting our values with the families, friends, and business partners that choose to be part of the Ozark community.

I grew up in areas around Ozark, and decided to make it our permanent home in 2005. I retired from law enforcement after 28 years of service, and I am also a U.S. Army Veteran with 4 years active duty. I have been married almost 33 years to my wife, Kay. My son, Jacy, is a college graduate and a Firefighter here in Ozark. I take time to be with my family, as they are the most important part of me. My priorities have been and always will be, God, Family, and Country.

As your Alderman for Ward 1, you have my word that your voice will always be heard. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me. Get involved, and take the time to attend a meeting with the Board of Alderman."

Contact information:  
email: aldermansnider@ozarkmissouri.org