RJ Flores

Alderman Ward I 

"As members of the Ozark City Council, we are responsible for and responsive to the citizens of Ozark, a responsibility that is not taken lightly.

A primary function as a member of City Council is to ensure the managed growth of our city. This is one of my core beliefs. I have witnessed some of the positive growth through my efforts and involvement in the revitalization of the downtown area. Working with developers, I have seen first-hand how properly managed growth can benefit a community.

It has been an honor serving on two vital commissions representing the Mayor and the citizens of Ozark: The Ozark Historic and Preservation Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission. I have also volunteered on the Economic Vitality Committee for the downtown main-street organization and Historic River District. All have given me the necessary experience to be confident in the decisions I will make as an Alderman.

I am the owner of ArcStar Electric, a local electrical company based in Ozark. I have been a resident of Ozark for 26 years and my 20-year-old son, Ethan, is currently attending Missouri State University. My passions are playing music with friends and backpacking with my family.

My family has chosen to live in Ozark because we believe this to be an amazing community, a community with a strong historical perspective, and abundant potential. As a city, we can all work together to ensure Ozark remains the quaint town we have all come to love while looking towards the future. We can accomplish this by staying small while thinking big. It is my honor to represent the citizens of Ward I."

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