Message from the Director

Ozark Parks and Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Ozark residents and playing a significant role in shaping the character of the City through preeminent parks and recreation.  Take a walk alongside the beautiful Finley River, sign up for a fitness class, join a softball team, take a painting class, go on a family picnic, grow vegetables in our community garden, or host a gathering at The OC.  Ozark Parks and Recreation has a little something for everyone.

By creating a sense of place, parks and recreation services in Ozark provide critical connections for residents through the natural environment, recreational pursuits, historic appreciation and social events.  This sense of place shapes the cohesive fabric of vision, values and identity of the community while promoting an active lifestyle for all ages.  Ozark meets park and recreation needs of today’s residents without sacrificing future generations by balancing environmental, economic, and equity concerns.  The department strives to enrich the lives of individuals, families, intergenerational groups and the entire community through positive and fulfilling recreational experiences.  Ozark proactively engages in continuous improvement as offerings become outdated or underutilized, to achieve a balanced availability of programs and facilities.

In today’s hectic work, it is easy to forget that taking time to enjoy each day is so important to our health and well-being.  Ozark Parks and Recreation is committed to insuring that every resident has an opportunity to experience outstanding recreational activities and park facilities that enhance our quality of life by helping us stay healthy and fit, build relationships with family and friends, and develop a sense of community pride.

-Samantha Payne
Parks and Recreation Director