Jean Ann Hutchinson

Alderman Ward II

“'I would never have guessed that this was the first time this Board of Aldermen has worked together', stated a public comment speaker at the April 17th meeting. The room was full of public participants along with the staff and elected officials. Differing opinions were stated, questions asked, repercussions projected all in a civil and respectful manner. As the newly elected Ward Two Alderman, it was good to see that this is the way local government works in Ozark Missouri.

These three “Ps” are my goals:
-Preserve the small-town feel and protect Ozark’s unique assets and character.
-Promote our existing the growth of locally owned businesses around them that “fit” our town.
-Provide a safe and secure environment by creating neighborhoods, connectivity and adequate law enforcement.

I look forward to continuing to participate in several community groups, remain active in community events, and participate in community life so that I will learn firsthand from you and also bring information to you. If you plan to attend, let me know so I can look for you. I enjoy putting a name with a face and would like to get to know you. Feel free to contact me at any time. I am here because of you." - Alderwoman Jean Ann Hutchinson.

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