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Home School Computer Programming

Sure your child may like to PLAY video games, but come be amazed as they build their own! Each class session, watch as your skills at game building progress further and further, and have a blast doing it!

Registration is now available for our Homeschool Computer Programming course, provided through a sponsorship with CodeNinjas. This course is called "Intro to Coding: Learn to build your own video games!". The class runs from October 5th for 8 weeks until November 30th, on Mondays from 1PM-2:30PM. There is not a discount for membership status or additional children. The total cost for the course is $160 per child. 

Some of the skills children will learning while creating computer games include:

  • Loops, repetition, and collisions
  • Basic and complex variables
  • Create and implement randomization tools
  • Learn and use basic animations
  • Practice using complex collisions
  • Learn location testing
  • Insert clones into games
  • Clone specific variables
  • Coordinates and asset introduction

Registration available here: Intro to Coding - Home School Programming

Home School P.E. - FALL 2020

Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning September 8th, 2020 - Starting at 1PM through 3PM.

In an effort to meet the needs of a rapidly growing Home School community, we offer three different options to our families. We do split age groups, so the activities can be geared more towards their ability level (16 years olds may play kickball differently than a child who is 5 years old). The schedule for HSPE is as follows:

Class Schedule for Home School P.E. Fall 2020


Pool - Swim Games/Coaching
9-16 years old5-8 years old
9-16 years old
5-8 years old
Gym Games5-8 years old9-16 years old
5-8 years old
9-16 years old

For selection of classes, families can choose from four different options. They consist of:

  • Option A: All day Tuesday (Families will switch from Gym to Pool, based on their age group)
  • Option B: All day Thursday (Families will switch from Gym to Pool, based on their age group)
  • Option C: All day Tuesday and Thursday (Families will switch from Gym to Pool, based on their age group)

Pricing is also changing to better serve the needs of families as well. In addition to our monthly and "additional child" rates, we will be offering a "semester" discount as well. Families that pay for the entire semester will receive a discount on their program up front. This applies to additional children as well. This saves you time as well, so you do not have to re-register on a monthly basis. Month by month is still available, as well as "auto draft".

Pricing for Home School PE Fall 2020

ScheduleMonthly Rate (for first child)Semester Rate (for first child)Additional Child Rate (member discount not available)
Option A OR BAll Tuesday OR All Thursday$40 for non members, $30 for members$100 for non-members, $80 for members$20 per month, or $50 for the semester.
Option CAll day Tuesday/Thursday$60 for non members, $40 for members$150 for non-members, $100 for members

$25 per month, or $60  for the semester.

Designed for Home School students, ages 5 - 16, to develop and improve physical fitness, learn fundamentals of various sports, and build their aquatic skills and confidence by enjoying the use of the indoor swimming pool. All of this is being done as they are building relationships with other children involved in the program.

Session 1 - September 8th - October 1st - Soccer

Session 2 - October 6th - October 29th- Rock Climbing and Group Games

Session 3 - November 3rd through November 12th, resuming again December 1st - December 10th - Basketball


Please note that registration is not complete until payment is received, and a space for your child will not be held until registration is complete. 

Weather changes will be announced via Facebook/Remind App to our HSPE families.

Ages: 5 - 16
Location: The OC (Ozark Community Center) 1530 W. Jackson St., Ozark
Contact: (417) 581-7002, ext. 2004