COST TO CLIMB: $5/hour/Non-Member;  $3/hour/OC Annual Member

Summer Hours will be in effect May 24th:
Tuesday & Friday --5:00-9:00pm  
Saturday --1:00 - 5:00pm

The OC's Mile High Climb Challenge

Join us at the Rock Wall to help improve your strength and stamina in 2019 by climbing a whole mile!

1 Mile Climb = 5280 feet = 230 climbs up the OC's Rock Wall
1/2 Mile Climb - 2640 feet = 115 climbs up the OC's Rock Wall
Contest Dates:  January 3 - February 28, 2019
Times:  during regular Rock Wall hours - Tues. & Thurs. 5-9pm & Sat. 1-5pm
Cost:  only normal climbing fee; no extra cost to enter the Challenge
*Climb 1/2 mile (115 climbs up the wall), and receive a "Bring a Friend for Free" gift certificate, and your name will be posted on the rock wall bulletin board for all to see!
**Climb 1 mile (230 climbs up the wall) -- Those who complete the vertical mile within the 2-month time frame receive a T-shirt, and your name will be posted at The OC's Rock Wall bulletin board earning you MASSIVE bragging rights!
All ages and skill levels welcome -- On your mark, get set, CLIMB ON!!!


The OC's Rock Wall is available for Birthday Parties!
(Call The OC at 581- 7002 for details).