Commemorate or honor a loved one, special event, or organization by donating a memorial tree to be planted and maintained in the Ozark community parks. By making at least a $500 donation to the Ozark parks, you will be able to create a lasting tribute in the community for someone you care about. The donation will go towards cost of planting, plaque, and maintenance for a minimum of 3 years.

Memorial trees will be planted during the fall of each year in the Ozark Parks and Trailways based on the Master Parks Plan. A plaque will be made for each tree. Plaques will be made of granite and placed at the base of your tree. The trees will be at least 1.5 inch caliper trees at the time of planting.

Tree types and location of trees planted will be determined according to the Master Parks Plan. To commemorate a tree or get more information, please call Samantha @ 417-581-7002 ext: 2001
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