Master Parks Plan

Parks and open spaces do more than provide recreational opportunities for our residents; they also represent a cultural identity and a natural legacy. It is the goal of our staff to provide well-maintained facilities, creative educational opportunities, and top-notch services that allow people to enjoy their outdoor experiences

Comprehensive Master Planning intends to seek out the highest park and recreation needs present within the City of Ozark at the time the work is performed and to prioritize action items in a manner consistent with the agency’s Mission, Vision and Values.  On behalf of the Board of Alderman, and all who have participated, we congratulate the City of Ozark community for embracing this journey with us.  We trust the community will benefit from the implementation of the Ozark Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

In June, City of Ozark contracted with Dick Horton Consulting LLC to develop a comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan.  The draft plan was developed through a highly interactive process involving public forums, stakeholder meetings, citizen survey, site evaluations, benchmarks to like communities and meetings with Parks and Recreation staff and Board of Alderman.

A consistent theme throughout the development of this plan has been the City’s commitment to a quality parks and recreation system that delivers high-quality parks, trails and recreation programs, facilities and events for all residents, while contributing to the economic well-being of a the City.  To meet this commitment to its residents, this plan is organized around the following themes:

  • Provide high quality parks and recreation facilities
  • Trails that connect the community and connect the community to open space
  • Promoting community health through recreation programs
  • Opportunity to hold/host special events throughout the city

We invite the reader to delve into the details of the plan to see first-hand how the outlined strategies blend the analysis of parks and facilities with the community’s current and future needs, and the order in which Ozark Parks and Recreation intends to undertake them.

Many thanks to our existing customers for the opportunity to serve you.  We encourage residents whom we have not yet served to explore what the Ozark and Recreation Department has to offer to you and your family.  To all, this is your plan and our commitment to continuous improvement.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

Samantha Payne
Parks and Recreation Director

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(adopted March 2018)

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