Finley River Races

Here in the midwest there are a few stereotypes. We're genuinely nice and the weather can be unpredictable and extreme; both of those are true. Finley River Races is a series of events for all types of athletes. We host 5k's, 10k's, Triathlons, Open Water Swims, Cycling Races, and Mountain Bike races (paddling to come). We believe that every season is race season. Nothing stops us. No rain, snow, heat, wind or Sharknado will put off our events. We strive to put on premier races right here in your backyard of Ozark, MO. Our races have the quality that draw in elite athletes as well as first timers. 

All Finley River Races are produced to promote and aid in the building of this inclusive playground so EVERYONE CAN PLAY. For more information, to see how the planning and funding is going, or to donate please click here.

Glow/Color 5k Run: