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The first phase of a major revitalization effort in the Historic Downtown is going very well.  Crews have been working to make significant improvements to the water and sewer utilities.  The Contractor began construction on the north side of the Central Business District and is progressing to the south at a steady rate.  As of 3/4/2021 we are approximately ninety-seven percent (97%) complete with the utility updates.

The decision to start from the north and head south was an attempt to mitigate negative impacts that construction can have on parking and the accessibility of our Downtown shops and restaurants.  We began working in the square on December 21st. This allowed the major events such as the parade of lights, Holiday dining, Christmas shopping, etc. to occur without any significant impacts.  The City has worked closely with the Historic River District to ensure that we remain aware of the concerns that accompany construction.  Collectively we realize that 2020 has presented several unique challenges to retail and restaurants.  Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the property owners, tenants and customers that frequent the Historic Square. 

 As crews work in the heart of the Historic Downtown and around the square, City Staff will be providing regular updates with additional information on impacted parking spaces, possible lane closures and any utility service interruptions.  Crews began working on the northeast corner of the square (2nd Ave and Church St.) on December 21st and we will continue to work in a counterclockwise pattern until all of the infrastructure around the square has been replaced and/or repaired.  The traffic is now one-way only.  The traffic is controlled in a manner that only allows vehicles to travel in a counterclockwise pattern in order to eliminate the two-way traffic, limit the volume of vehicles and ultimately provide a safer working environment for the construction crews.   Additionally, signage has been placed throughout the square to ensure that motorists and pedestrians can properly avoid the active work zones. 

Beginning in the month of January, our crews tackled one of the most complex portions of the project.  The northwest corner of the square serves as the primary outlet for the square's gravity sanitary sewer.  Our construction crews spent a  considerable amount of time on West Church Street in the 200 block.  The repair and replacement of the sanitary sewer required us to connect to the existing sewer main that is located out on 3rd St. / HWY 14.  

After a difficult but successful January, we completed the water main replacements on the west, south and east blocks directly around the  square.  This is the counterclockwise progression that we have outlined in previous updates.  

February was another active and productive month despite the incredibly cold temperatures. Our crews are now working on the final phase of this critical infrastructure  project, and we are projecting that phase one will be COMPLETED by 3/22/2021.   

These improvements are setting the stage for the continued growth and revitalization of our beautiful Historic Downtown.  The City is excited to see all of these improvements come to fruition, however we do know that with our progress there will also be some nuisances.  We apologize in advance for any negative impacts and we greatly appreciate your patience as we move forward with this project.  Please use an abundance of caution, follow the signage and remember to slow down when driving through any work zones.  Our number one goal throughout this entire project is to make sure that all of our staff and contractors go home safely at the end of each shift.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach City Staff at 417-581-2407.

As always, communication will be key, and the City will be utilizing our social media accounts to keep the public informed.  

More Details About Phase II will be Coming Soon!


Downtown Utlitiy Phasing


Contact Information: 

Jeremy Parsons 417-581-2407 ext. 1104  jparsons@ozarkmissouri.org

John McCart 417-581-2407  ext. 1211    jmccart@ozarkmissouri.org

Q: What are construction crews doing downtown?

A: This is the first phase of a major revitalization effort in the Historic Downtown.  Over eight thousand feet (8,000’) of water main and three hundred feet (300’) of sanitary sewer main are being installed to replace the aging infrastructure located in our Central Business District.  The goal is to provide better service and fire protection, while at the same time preparing the Downtown for future revitalization.


Q: How long will this project take?

A: Phase I of the project will consist of replacing the existing water and sewer infrastructure.  The project started August 17th and is set to be completed by early February 2021.

Phase II will begin summer 2021 and will be completed by winter 2021.


Q: When will work be taking place?

A: Crews will typically not be working during weekends, or downtown special events.  Some night work will be required to mitigate negative impacts and avoid prolonged disruption of service.  Any weekend work or night work will be communicated to the public in advance. 

Q: How will this affect my city utility services? Will my water be shut off at any time?

            A: Your utility service will only be affected when switching over to the new infrastructure.  All new utility services will be performed in coordination with owners and residents to avoid service interruptions. Some of this work may need to take place after hours to accomplish.


Q: How will this affect parking downtown?

                A: City Staff has been working with the contractor in an effort to minimize the negative impacts that does occur during the construction project.  Progress comes with a price, and sometimes that price does cause some headaches.  However, we have a contract that limits the amount of parking spaces that will be obstructed during construction.  We structured this contact in this manner because we understand the importance of maintaining available parking.  Additionally, we will be working closely with the Historic River District, local business owners and community stakeholders to ensure that as construction moves forward we mitigate any unnecessary parking issues. 


Q: What is Phase II?

A: Once the water and sanitary sewer improvements are completed, the City will begin working on major roadway and pedestrian improvements.  Final plans for Phase II will go out to bid in April of 2021.