Central Corridor Traffic Study

The traffic study will analyze recent developments and planned improvements along the Central Corridor (McCracken, Jackson Street, and 3rd Street) in Ozark, MO. The study is intended to be used as a planning tool to identify proposed transportation improvement projects and consider the associated impacts of developments and other infrastructure improvements to the existing transportation network. In addition to the study area, the analysis will include the impacts of the improvements and traffic patterns associated with the City of Ozark Major Thoroughfare Plan. The study area shown includes eight (8) intersections that will analyzed to help guide future decision making with data-driven solutions.  

Mill Bridge Closure / Transportation Study - Project Update:

  • For this study, the traffic specialists recommended  capturing data during peak usage from Thursday until Sunday (8/27 -8/30)
  • The goal was to capture traffic count data while school was in session to better understand the importance of the mill bridge during peak traffic flows.
  • We have obtained some amazing data and aerial footage demonstrating how our transportation network functions when this critical piece of infrastructure is out of service.  
  • The two links below are powerful observations of just how important the Mill Bridge is to our community
  • Additional closures later this fall will be necessary to conduct fracture critical testing.  Because of the age of this bridge, this river crossing will undergo more frequent structural analysis. We will provide those dates once MoDOT"s consultant has been selected.  Additionally we will attempt to work with the consultant to select dates that limit the negative impacts to our traffic flow. 

McCracken Bridge MoDOT inspection photos