The Village at Hillstone

This will be the landing page for residents of the Village of the Hillstone which is scheduled to undergo Slurry Sealing on Oct. 13th. Live updates as the project progresses will be placed here.

View the Request for Proposal official document here.

Residents will be receiving a door hanger to notify them of street closing details, which can also be accessed by reading the flyer below: 



OCT. 13, 2020

Due to a mechanical failure the micro-sealing project has been postponed for the rest of today.

    Completed work today will be opened back up to traffic at 1:30pm

    Tomorrow morning at 8am and they will begin the “Phase 1” or the “blue roads” – see attached

    Crews are required for state project, NO work will be done on Thursday

    Friday the “yellow roads” will be completed 

    Saturday the “red roads will be completed


Please note that crews will not be working on this project on Thursday, Oct. 15th so that they can help complete a MODOT project. Crews will return to finish the project on Friday, Oct. 16th.  

  • Trash will be picked up early tomorrow prior to 8am so crews can begin the project.
  • Work will start in the morning after the school busses pick up the children and work will commence prior to the busses dropping off the school children. 



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