Canine Control


The Canine Control Division performs numerous functions, including the capture of dogs at large, protection of animals, investigations of animal abuse and neglect, and enforcement of local and state animal laws.

Reporting a Lost or Found Canine

If you have lost a dog or found a dog please follow the link below to fill out a form that will be submitted to the Ozark Canine Control (OCC) Division. Canine Lost & Found Form

If we pick up a dog matching your description, you will be notified so that you may formally identify your dog.  If we receive a lost report matching a found report, contact will be made with both parties to try and connect them.

Keep in mind that Ozark Canine Control ONLY picks up stray dogs (No Cats) inside the city limits of Ozark.

Be a Pawsitive citizen! Register your dog!

Be a ‘pawsitive’ citizen! Register your dog today! 

Why register your dog?

  • Legal Requirement: The city of Ozark requires that all dogs residing in Ozark City Limits be registered. Compliance with these laws helps ensure you are abiding by the local regulations and avoiding potential fines or penalties.
  • Safety Measures: Dog registration requires proof of rabies vaccinations and licensing, ensuring that your dog is up-to-date on necessary vaccinations. This helps protect your dog from rabies and ensures the safety of other animals and people they come into contact with.
  • Identification: Registering your dog provides a unique identification number or tag that can be used to locate you as the owner if your dog gets lost or goes missing. This increases the chances of a safe and quick reunion with your beloved pet. Registering your dog serves as official proof of ownership. It can help resolve disputes or conflicts if someone claims your dog as their own.

Obtaining a Pet License

The City of Ozark does require citizens to have an updated rabies vaccination to obtain a city license and to bring in proof of current rabies vaccination. The City of Ozark requires citizens to register their dogs annually. Impounded dogs in order to be released to their owners must obtain a current rabies vaccination, city license, and pay holding fee of $25.00. Only cash or check are acceptable forms of payment. Licenses are obtained at Ozark City Hall.  417-581-2407 ext. 1205.

  • Spayed / Neutered Dogs: $2.50 
  • Intact Dogs: $4

Reporting Animal Control Issues

If you have lost or found a pet; want to report a dangerous animal, animal at large, animal nuisance, or animal neglect, please call Ozark Animal Control at 417-581-6600

Examples of Violations 

  • More than three dogs and/or cats over the age of six months at one residential location
  • Animals not vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and not displaying the tag provided by the veterinarian showing a current rabies vaccination
  • Animals at large
  • Frequent howling, barking, baying, or yelping by an animal that disturbs the peace of the neighborhood
  • Owner fails to provide adequate care or adequate control which results in substantial harm to the animal
  • Animal abandonment

This list is not a comprehensive list of all city codes regarding animals. It is a brief, summarized list of just a few of the most common violation.