About Ozark's Proposed Recreational Marijuana Tax

The City of Ozark (Facebook Post (Landscape))

Let your voice be heard, April 4, 2023!

If the proposed tax in Ozark is passed, the revenue generated would be directed toward funding the Ozark Police Department. This tax, which amounts to 3%, would not be applicable to medical marijuana, but only to recreational marijuana. In November, Missouri voters sanctioned a 6% statewide tax as part of legalizing recreational marijuana. This amendment also granted individual cities the option to impose an additional 3% tax on sales.

On January 3, the Aldermen of Ozark passed a bill, putting forth the proposal for voters to decide on April 4. If the tax is approved, it will only be levied on the purchase of recreational marijuana and will NOT apply to medical marijuana.


Shall the City of Ozark, Missouri, impose an additional 3% sales tax on all tangible personal property retail sales of NON-medical adult use marijuana sold within the City?  

Are you registered to vote? Check your voter registration status here: https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/register

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