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Welcome to the City of Ozark! Thank you for visiting us at our website. It was designed with you in mind: whether an Ozark resident, a future resident, or a visitor, it allows you access to city information in an easy-to-navigate site.

At City Hall, we are very proud of our community and strive to provide superior customer service. Quality of life issues shape our goals and policy initiatives as we look to continuously improve our city and community.

If you are an Ozark resident, I look forward to meeting you. If you are a visitor, on behalf of all of us at City Hall, we look forward to welcoming you to Ozark on your next visit.

Transportation Input -We Want To Know Your Thoughts

  • Who:


    Anyone who lives, drives, walks, or rides throughout the City of Ozark should have a say in what future transportation improvements are important to them.  

  • What:


    This process will allow citizens to communicate with their elected officials and administrators to reaffirm their transportation priorities.  Whether it is a congested intersections, a desire for more greenway/bike trails, improved sidewalks, or other transportation related input we want to know your specific interests and/or concerns.   

  • Why:


    We know that a strong transportation network is key to attracting businesses and workers to the City of Ozark.  We know through previous surveys and conversation that greenway trails, sidewalks, bike trails, and making Ozark a pedestrian friendly community is viewed as a quality of life amenity.  We know that a lack of adequate driving space, congested intersection and long wait times at traffic signals, and dangerous locations in our transportation network exist, and we know citizens want their local streets to be smooth.  It is important to us that we know your thoughts so we can create capital improvement transportation plans that meet your expectations.

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Local News
Ozark and Nixa Gather to Discuss Economic Analysis of Christian County Ozark City Administrator Steve Childers explained the idea of uniting the “micropolitain” area in and around Ozark and Nixa. While the communities serve as bedroom suburbs to Springfield, they also have an identity all their own.
NIxa Ozark Gathering.jpeg
“Sometimes when you’re too close to a situation, you don’t really get to see the big picture,” Childers said. “I know that everybody in Nixa realizes that Nixa is a wonderful place, and I know that everybody in Ozark realizes that Ozark is a wonderful place, but when you’re somebody who is on the national or international circuit, and you’re looking at where you’re going to locate your next facility, you’re looking at where you’re going to build your next big box store. You’re looking at where you’re going to invest millions of dollars. You don’t know anything about Ozark and Nixa, you don’t live here.” The Ozark and Nixa city governments will consider hiring consultants from TIP Strategies to provide an economic analysis of the area. The analysis will cost $68,000 over 2 years. The consultant will provide a comprehensive assessment of northern Christian County’s economy. The assessment will examine how public resources are used to stimulate private investment in the area. The plan will help set goals and objectives for development and offer some specific actions that the cities, chambers and county can take.

Remainder of Excerpt from Article on Springfield News Leader/ Ozark news can be found at Springfield News Leader.