Municipal Court


The Ozark Municipal Court is a division of the 38th Circuit Court of Christian County, Missouri. The Ozark Municipal Court began operating in 2005. The mission of the Ozark Municipal Court is to provide for the just, fair, and expeditious resolution of cases. Beginning in January 2022, the Ozark Municipal Court will be held in the Christian County Circuit Court Division IV before the Honorable Judge Bacon.


Cases that routinely come before the court include traffic offenses, stealing, common assault, and a variety of other violations of city ordinances. 

Court Schedule  

The Board of Aldermen have elected to have the violations of the Municipal Code of the City of Ozark, Missouri, heard and determined by an Associate Circuit Judge in Christian County Circuit Court. These cases are anticipated to begin being heard by the honorable Judge Bacon beginning in January 2022. For up to date information on the status of a case, please check Missouri Case.Net at

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