Legal Department 


  • The Legal Department is responsible for acting to protect the interest of the city and in doing so shall:
  • Advise the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen or any city officials, when requested, upon all legal questions arising on the conduct of city business
  • Prepare or revise ordinances and/or resolutions when so requested by the Board of Aldermen
  • Render opinions upon any legal matter or question submitted to the department by the mayor, Board of Aldermen or by the City Administrator
  • Prepare for execution all contracts and instruments to which the city is a party and approve, as to form, all bonds required to be submitted to the city
  • Defend any and all actions or proceedings, civil or criminal, brought against the city or against any official or employee of the city arising out of, or in connection with, the performance of his/her duties as such official or employee if authorized by the mayor and the Board of Aldermen
  • Prosecute all violations of city ordinances in any court of law within the State of Missouri
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