Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is a system that involves the capture, storage, manipulation, analysis, and presentation of geographical or spatial data. GIS technology is used to create digital maps, analyze spatial patterns and relationships, and solve complex spatial problems in various fields such as urban planning, natural resource management, epidemiology, etc. GIS integrates various types of data, such as maps, satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GPS data, to produce useful information that can be visualized and analyzed for decision-making purposes.

The City of Ozark utilizes GIS software for various purposes, including:

Urban Planning: 

GIS software enables the City of Ozark to analyze and plan urban areas, including land use, zoning, transportation, and infrastructure. It helps in identifying potential development sites, planning efficient transportation networks, and locating suitable locations for community facilities.

Emergency Management: 

GIS technology is essential for emergency management in the City of Ozark. It helps in identifying potential risks, mapping out evacuation routes, and coordinating emergency response efforts during natural disasters, such as floods or wildfires.

Public Services: 

The City of Ozark uses GIS software to provide public services to the community. For instance, it helps in managing utility networks, tracking assets, and identifying service requests.