About Ozark PD

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ozark Police Department is to work in a true partnership with our community; enhancing the quality of life in our city, maintaining order and protecting the people we serve by reducing incidences of crime, while pledging to uphold our professionalism, honor and integrity.  We strive to preserve the peace and safety of our citizens through enforcement of federal, state, and local laws with a goal of safeguarding the rights of all persons with the least possible disruption of their daily activities while setting the standard in law enforcement. 

Value Statement

The Ozark Police Department will garner the support of our community and demand a strong work ethic that fosters pride in ourselves and in our department.  We will be a model agency integrating the newest technology while providing police services.  Our values will be reflected in our decisions.  We shall consider our responsibilities and obligations in every action we take.  We shall be attentive to the needs of our community by being interactive, courteous and responsive.  We shall endeavor to do without being asked and do more than would be asked.

Core Values



 We are committed to candor, honest, and ethical behavior with each other and those we serve.

Public Service

We deliver to the public, high quality service, which is fair, courteous, responsive and efficient.  We recognize the need to involve the community in creating a secure and safe environment.


We maintain high standards of training and expertise and  keep abreast of new trends and standards in the field of law enforcement.

Responsibility and Accountability

We make effective use of our resources and provide a spirit of open communication within our community. We are responsible for our actions. We admit our mistakes and strive to earn the trust and support of our community.

Respect for Co-workers

We maintain a workplace environment based on mutual respect, which reflects an appreciation of the unique qualities of each individual who contributes to the overall good of our team.

Police Divisions

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible group within the Police Department. The Patrol Division is the backbone of any police department and all other divisions or units are in support of the efforts initiated in the patrol function. The Patrol Division consists of a Division Commander, three patrol shifts, and the K-9 Unit.  As the primary service delivery component for the Ozark Police Department, the Patrol Division responds to calls for service from community members, engages in proactive policing and provides traffic enforcement as a part of the normal duty day. The Patrol Division provides twenty-four hour service to approximately 18,871 city residents covering 11.15 square miles and most often, patrol officers go above and beyond what is expected.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division provides services that support the Patrol Division’s functions of the Ozark Police Department. The Support Services Division consists of a Division Commander, and four small units including: Criminal Investigations, Evidence Collection, Records, and Training.  The Investigation’s Unit is responsible for investigating crimes that require more detailed and time-consuming investigation. These plain-clothes officers follow up on cases that are referred to them from the Patrol Division after an initial report has been made. They also follow up on tips and citizen reports of illegal or suspicious activity.  The Record’s Unit is responsible for coordinating the Ozark Police Department’s efforts with other city departments, other criminal justice agencies, and the community.  This Unit also works with regional, state and national organizations to enhance the safety of all Ozark residents and visitors. 

For more information on these divisions, contact the Police Department at 417-581-7914.