Sworn or Elected Chief of Police and/or Marshal

1945-1947               City Marshal Ross Robertson
1948                        City Marshal L.D. Bilyeu
1949-1955               City Marshal Ross Robertson
1955-1961               City Marshal L.E. Lamb
1961-1965               Chief of Police L.E. Lamb
1965                        Chief of Police Jackie Cornog
1966-1974               Chief of Police Ray Speak
1974                        Chief of Police M.L. Lefler
1974-1979               Chief of Police Cecil Clinton
1979-1981               Chief of Police Bill Ramsey
1981-1983               Chief of Police Pletcher Rogers
1983                        Chief of Police Frank Gray
1984-1988               Chief of Police Steve Whitney
1988-1993               Chief of Police Nick Corsentino
1993-1998               Chief of Police Steve Marler
1998-1999               Chief of Police Bill McConnell
1999 - 2015             Chief of Police Lyle Hodges
2015-2019            Chief of Police Tim Clothier
2019-current         Chief of Police Justin Arnold

A series of Night Watchmen or City Marshals kept the peace in a part-time capacity from 1934-1945.