Current Impounded Animals

Terrier mix was picked up at 2155 W Bingham St on 5/13/22. He has a pink collar/no tags with the end of a broken lead attached to it and he's very skittish.


To claim or pick up your dog, you will need to call 417-582-0535. Hours of release: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. To claim or pick up your dog you will have to provide proof of ownership, a current rabies vaccination and a city pet license. City pet licenses can be purchased at Ozark City Hall.  Link to more information HERE

Ozark Canine Control is not a licensed adoption agency, so please only contact our office for release if you are the owner of the animal or know the owner of the animal.

For questions regarding to Canine Control or to claim an impounded canine, please contact 417-582-0535.