Step up to the plate and get ready to hit a home run with the Ozark Parks and Recreation Softball Program! 

A grand slam opportunity for girls ages 4 to 13! This program is a pitch-perfect chance for young athletes to glove some fun and catch the softball fever. From t-ball tots to young sluggers, our dedicated coaches will coach them to throw like a "softball wizard" and slide into the season with grace and finesse. With bases loaded with exciting drills and practice sessions, participants will "softball" their way to mastering batting, fielding, and base running, ensuring they're ready to round those bases with confidence and style. Come join the team and have a "softball" of a time, as we create a league of softball stars, turning the field into our own ball "park" of dreams. Swing, slide, and soar with us in this "softball-tastic" adventure where laughter and camaraderie make every inning a true winner!


 Early January through March 11, 2024


$55 |  Annual Family Members

$75 | Non-Annual Members

Practices begin in early April. 
Games run from early May through mid-July.