If you are having issues with your water service or witness a water leak near your residence please call 417-581-2744, after hours call 417-581-9303

Some issues to watch for in your water system include:

  • Cloudy / Air In Water
  • Discolored Water
  • Low or High Water Pressure


The Department of Public Works manages and operates a complex storage and water distribution system for municipal use and consumption.  Our current system and the proposed improvements are documented in our Water Facilities Master Plan   This plan was last updated in 2011.  Since the formation of this plan, the Department of Public Works has worked to complete many of the major components of this facility master plan.  Public Works is currently working on updating our Master Plan to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with a safe and reliable municipal water source.  The revised master plan will be availalble for viewing and public input in Fall of 2022.  

Additionally, the Department of Natural Resources requires the City of Ozark to submit a CCR Annual Report annually. A second report is done for the Finley Valley CCR Report area. These reports describe the status of water quality in Ozark.

Water Connections

The process for obtaining connection to the City of Ozark’s water system and the fee schedule for connection is outlined in the document titled Procedures for Connection to City of Ozark Utilities, (Water & Sewer).
   If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street to do a connection or repair, a street cut permit with a deposit will be required. Public Works’ approval is required before the permit is issued.

Safe Drinking Water Act

In compliance with the EPA Lead and Copper Rule, the City of Ozark has replaced all known lead water services during the time frame of 1991 through 1993.  In addition, if any service is found to be in non-compliance during routine work, they are also replaced.  Although none have been located in the past two (2) years, all replacement parts have been non-lead since 2014.

Compliance result documentation may be viewed at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water Watch Website.

Boil Advisory vs. Boil Order 

A boil advisory is a precautionary measure issued by the water utility to alert customers when there is a potential for compromised water quality. It is recommended that customers boil all water used in the preparation of food and beverage for consumption for 2 minutes.

A boil order is a confirmation that contamination is present in the water system. It is essential that customers boil all water used in the preparation of food and beverage for consumption for 2 minutes.

This includes water used for:

  • Drinking water (including pets)
  • Brushing teeth
  • Baby formula
  • Washing produce
  • Preparing food
  • Coffee, tea, lemonade, etc.
  • Ice cubes should be thrown out

Water used for laundry, showering/shaving, and watering grass or plants is safe to use without boiling.