Business Registration

Registration Information
All businesses with a physical address operating within the city limits of Ozark are required to have a business registration. This includes businesses that operate from the home. Owners of all home-based occupations should contact the Planning and Development Department at 417-581-2407 concerning regulations pertaining to home-based businesses.

Registration Application Process

  1. Apply for a Business Registration in the Planning and Development Department of City Hall.
  2. Contact the county collector’s office to apply for a county merchant’s license at 417-581-2334.
    The county will have their own criteria of documents needed for a merchant’s license.
  3. Businesses that are moving into an existing structure are required to coordinate with the Building Department and a Redevelopment Review must be scheduled with the Building Official.  
    All business registrations expire December 31; a Business Renewal Application and renewal notices are issued mid-October. For applicable registration fees, see the online application or call the permit and license technician at City Hall at 417-581-2407. 

    You can view the City's ordinance regarding Business Registration.

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