City of Ozark Emergency Management

Mass Notification System ! ! !
Register to receive critical alerts Christian County’s Reverse 911® system is the premier community notification tool designed to enhance emergency preparedness and facilitate urgent and necessary notifications to citizens during emergent events. 

Christian County relies on emergency notification technology from PlantCML®, among other means, to keep you alert and ultimately ensure your safety. In doing so, we must have the most accurate information for reaching you. 

Knowing many no longer rely on land-line phones for communication, Christian County has implemented PlantCML’s Self Registration Portal to capture data for alternate devices, such as cell phone and email and to also ensure we have your most current information. 

If you would like to receive text alerts from the system, after you register, send the text: "chriscosms" to the number 34292. You should receive a confirmation code a few minutes later. 

Go to the Site Now and Register


Self Registration FAQ

For more information, please send us an email at e-mail or call us at 417-581-2126.

Common Emergency Risks in the Area

  • Thunderstorms/Lightening
  • Flooding
  • Ice/Snow
  • Heavy Rain
  • Tornadoes
  • Extreme Heat/Humidity
Emergency Preparation Tips
There is no way to completely avoid all emergencies, but there are ways to be more prepared for emergencies.

To get emergency weather alerts from the City of Ozark, sign up under the notify me section.  

For more information about tornadoes please visit this Missouri Storm Aware website.  This site has informational videos that explain the best places to take shelter within a home, school, or religious facility.  Along with the videos, there are pamphlets and flyers available with very helpful information about tornado awareness.